Might quit club penguin… :(

I might quit club penguin… I’m not giving up on the anti-disney war. I’m planning to quit club penguin… Disney!!! Why!!! It’s gonna be the end of CP soon… Why CP? Why? Disney, I wish you didn’t exist… I really do… But you exist anyways so you can ruin CP… 😦

It’s not fun anymore. Disney sealed the deal and killed CP. It’s now dead. I wish disney didn’t even exist. WHY! WHY!!! WHY!?!?!? Disney, I hate you… I really do… WHY did you? WHY? I hate you, disney….. You ruin EVERYTHING… 😦

If I quit, then it’s a goodbye to club penguin… If not, your lucky I didn’t quit… But chances are, you will become lucky after a week… This is so sad. Disney is evil and wants to end the world. Disney, why… Just why… 😦 You ruined my freaking life… You… Why… WHY… WHY??? WHY!!!!!! *Cries* 😦



About camwoodstock

I just came here to make blogs, and yet, I'm just really perfect for a blog, even if you don't think I am.
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6 Responses to Might quit club penguin… :(

  1. bulbaman1 says:

    Don’t give up! Disney won’t kill cp as long as we stand. If they do ruin it then maybe someday in the future some other company will buy it and fix the wrong doings.

  2. bluey26255 says:

    bulba’s right. who cares if disney’s ruining you know that 1 day those people will die

  3. goofer000 says:

    dont give up and lets keep commenting

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