Other new blogger. Bulbaman1

Hi I am the OTHER new blogger. My name is bulbaman1. My goal is to purge CP of all baybees that contantly plague it and make it unsafe for all ages.  Btw cam thanks for making me a blogger. But I think we should make a new site for the anti baybee/disney thing we were planning that way we don’t do anything that could mess up your site.


About bulbaman1

I will end all noobs.
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24 Responses to Other new blogger. Bulbaman1

  1. camwoodstock says:

    For everyone confused about why i’m adding new authors, it’s because bulba suggested it because hannahs site is shutting down.

  2. camwoodstock says:

    Also bulba, I can’t do everything POSSIBLE when I make a new blog. So THAT’S why I added you to THIS blog.

  3. Naco360 says:

    so, this is like, our backup??? 😀

  4. orangebunny says:

    dont TELL GREEN ABOUT THIS ARMY …. he.ll just make dramatic or COMPLAIN about prejudice crap/baybee hatrs just dont let any noobs/baybees/baybee lovers on here i dont rlly have anything against green …..now…. just dont telll him or let him join

  5. orangbunny says:

    noooo NO NEW BANNER itll ruin the site fine just put one without A cp PENGUIN ON IT if your goonnna put penguin on it make it A OLD CP PENGUN

  6. orangbunny says:

    the new cp penguins loook crappy and like they worked too FREAKING hard on it

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