Bad news (For some)

We not only need a new moniter, but we also need a thing called a memory cable. So i’m afraid there won’t be a new banner considering I don’t want to make it on vista…



About camwoodstock

I just came here to make blogs, and yet, I'm just really perfect for a blog, even if you don't think I am.
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14 Responses to Bad news (For some)

  1. orangebunn says:

    go on clubspice

  2. orangebunny says:

    no one goes anymore

  3. orangebunn says:


  4. bulbaman1 says:

    Hey Cam, how do you make a person an author?

  5. orangebunny says:

    ……… no new posts GOOO ON CHAT

  6. petsclass9 says:

    epic hi dudes of the world i am back 🙂

  7. orangebunny says:


  8. orangebunny says:

    go to chat

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