We have a problem.

As some of you know there used to be a “baybee army of CP” led by Greenblah. That army however shut down. It is now reopening with a new leader. This is a heads up because the other day I was looking for Baybee lover sites so I could get pictures for the Noobapedia when I got on the baybee army site and saw they have had recruting sessions and a new leader.


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7 Responses to We have a problem.

  1. camwoodstock says:

    OK, dude, I personally don’t MIND this greenblah thing, he’s welcome to stay because he hates disney even if he DOES like CP babies. Still, I think we should take it if it has a new owner. But if it’s greenblah leading it, i’d say pass since he has the right to like CP babies, as long as he hates it, he’s fine by me.

  2. orangebunn says:

    i dont rlly hate green too just dont make peace with the new baybee ARMY IF YOU DO THIS WILL JUST END UP LIKE HANNAHS SITE

  3. Naco360 says:

    i’m in the process of making an army http://vivalapenguinista.wordpress.com ps from now on im William Nye.

  4. williamnye says:

    btw please approve this.

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