Rest in Peace.

I left several months ago, becuase I grew weary of the fight. Club Penguin was losing to all the changes and baybees that were taking over it and had nothing left to offer. I returned today to see if anything had changed on the island. I only found devestation. The infection has grown worse during my absence.  So I wish to leave the memory of old Club Penguin to rest in peace. It shall remain just that. A memory. But let us never forget that memory. I have decided I will go back and reopen the noobapedia wiki which I abandoned with Club Penguin. Now we are the only ones still organized against the annoyances of baybees and disney. Just rats in the walls of the Club Penguin construct. And while old Club Penguin is gone forever, maybe we can still build a new and better future. Our fight still goes on against the baybees, but the haters are still few and scattered. There are still ones willing to fight. We just need to find them. And after years of failure in our tactics I think we need to change our approch to the situation. We need different combat ideas and strategies. A new way of thinking. I offer this small beacon of hope. While I may not be on Club Penguin anymore I hope that maybe you all can find the remaining fighters and carve a new future of CP.


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I will end all noobs.
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38 Responses to Rest in Peace.

  1. camwoodstock says:

    I was just about ready to revive the noobpedia.

    And, because old CP is dead forever, I can only say one thing.
    *Tears* I CAN’T SAY IT!!! *cries*

  2. camwoodstock says:

    Also, can you post more often? I feel like barely anyone posts here anymore… 😦

  3. Gustav Holst says:

    We should ask the Rocketsnail Team to make Penguin Chat 4. Penguin Chat 4 would have a public igloo with the penguin pand playing songs from TAS 1000, a town center, snow forts, a hockey rink (no soccer), and a dock with Balistic Biscuit (the old version of Hydro Hopper). There would also be the ninja mask and construction helment, and the only color would be Old Blue. Now all we need to do is make a petition so we can have an older version of CP!

  4. Gustav Holst says:

    I think all we need to do to fight baybees is annoy them. If we be cyberbullies, we’ll just get banned. You see, when I say annoy, I mean make smart-alecky comments. For example, if there’s an egg, say “fries and eats”. If they are making sad faces and using the box, make fun of them and say, “Haha you have no parents!”

  5. 3dsss says:

    a new club penguin made by rocketsnail is impossible unless he buys it back DISNEY IS SATANIC

  6. 3dsss says:

    since rsnail would probably be sued for copyright

  7. 3dsss says:

    theres AAAALOT of proof of disney being evil and satanic just google disney is satanic and youll find OVER 90000 results thats how evil disney is

  8. 3dsss says:

    whats your flipnote hantena code? woodstock



  10. 3dsteroid says:

    WHO IS DES!?!!? how DID U MARRY DES¡¿¡¡¡¿ is DES A USER SOMEWHERE ON INTERNET WITH USERNAME DES THAT U ROLE PLAY MARRIED!?!?!?¡¿¡¿¡¿ did u revise the shipmens crew i forgive u for inactivity

  11. PHEALZOR says:

    so des is a real person ehhhhh ‘des’ hmmmm

  12. pakman 90002 says:

    so you died too? if so how are we speaking des is short for des——nvm ill let u figure it out for urself ANYWAYS when i say this im talking about the real world→→→→→→ is des a real person who created the character des

  13. pako20002 says:

    so your virtually married to des on flipnote by teh way im the same person who has 3ds as a name as long as i has this pic then its me or unless i tell u its me

    • camwoodstock says:

      Not virtually.

      And I do NOT have a 3DS!!

      • or--------pphealzors says:

        NOT VIRTUALLY!?!??!!??!? WAT DA BLOODY HHELL IS WRONG WITH YOU 0-O U MUST BE TAKING THIS RP CRAP WAYYY TO FRIKKEN SERIOUSLY or your just staying in ur character when ur online u already said u dont have a 3ds BUY A 3DS WHY WONT YOU BUY ONE i lieked you better when you were an odd 9 year old video game nerd and didint speak professionally oh well i guess :p

  14. pako20002 says:

    what if i were to TERMINATE des and you knew me in real life AND U KNEW IT WAS ME and i waz your BEST FRIKKEN FRIEND what would your reaction be

  15. phelzor says:

    why arent u a brony anymore and whyed u GET BANN HAMMERED ON DEVIANT ART

  16. or--------pphealzors says:

    under the ‘sexual’ section??? 0-O

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