Oh my god.

Guys, I’m speechless of now in terms of OMG. I’m embarresed to even say it. Guess what happened. Go on. Guess.

…Fine, i’ll say it. You know my love, right? Des? Yeah, her. Well, guess what?

She got pregnant.


Yeah, I don’t blame you. I’m surprised as well. I don’t know if i’d be a father  in my 10s or 11s, but oh well.

It seems I won’t be active on August 22, 2012. Oh well. See you later, broskies.



About camwoodstock

I just came here to make blogs, and yet, I'm just really perfect for a blog, even if you don't think I am.
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4 Responses to Oh my god.

  1. Gustav Holst says:


  2. Gustav Holst says:

    By the way, I might just stop being an author. There’s nothing to post about.

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