Various of them. Let’s get started.

  1. I can go on xat now.
  2. I have a tumblr! :3
  3. I’m sorry for inactivity.
  4. I am a brony now. I took THE brony test. And those DO NOT LIE. Bronies are boys who like MLP. Sounds stupid? Wait until you hear the fact that THIS IS A ACTUAL COMMUNITY.
  5. I can now acess xat. Windows 8 (Yes he had one) was buggy and it won’t work due to the fact it was not updated.
  6. …Woop! New character, New asks! Purish is here! Drop him an ask. ( beware ponies :P)
  7. And Des has one too. (
  8. Lastly for these tumblr asks, I’m working on some, and because, the newcomes to the group! Funny Lost Silver who comes from a scary story, but is here for us to give us laughs, and Time man, and Oil Man, both from mega man: powered up! (For Lost Silver, For Oil Man,For Time Man)
  9. I encourage you to go on my chat now

That is all. Any questions, leave them blow, give them some asks if they allow anons, etc, etc, etc. Maybe you can join the ask phenomenon! We will all be sure to follow you and ask you!

Until then…



About camwoodstock

I just came here to make blogs, and yet, I'm just really perfect for a blog, even if you don't think I am.
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