And 2 things.

  1. I like tumblr
  2. I am a brony *FIXED! I am a brony.*

Anyways, happy to be back.



About camwoodstock

I just came here to make blogs, and yet, I'm just really perfect for a blog, even if you don't think I am.
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28 Responses to I’M BACK

  1. PHEALZOR says:

    ORANGE!?!?!? your friends with fruit!?!? how pitiful. ish he the annoying orange(retarded name) :p THE NINTENDO ESHOP HAS RAY FRICKING MAN ORGANS DEMO ๐Ÿ˜› atleashht 1 good FREE thing came from the 3ds shop

  2. PHEALZOR says:

    u has a 3ds?

  3. PHEALORZORS says:

    i saw a cp medieval party commercial rite now it had somethin to do with heroes on cp or crap something to do with a dragon and at the end of the commercial there was a picture of cp penguins dressed as marvel superheroes or crap and it said ‘MARVEL TAKEOVER COMMING IN JUNE’ the word takeover wasint a word cp would usually use cuz they think 4 year olds play it and words like that are ‘unsuitable for children’ :/ ima play rayman 3ds demo now :p

  4. pako20002 says:

    somepony!?!? i am not a pony :l so ur a bro pony thing and your 11 and married to des someone older than you did des actually die or is it fliipnote animation or Role play crap

  5. phelzor says:

    first you said u took the brony test and became a brony and on ur post thats titled ‘IM BACK’ u said ur not a brony and now u say ur a brony MAKE UP UR FRIGGEN MIND!!!! โ„ขยฉยฎโˆšโ†“โ†‘โ†’โ–ผโ–ฒโ– โ—†โ˜…โ˜†

  6. or--------pphealzors says:

    but u said ‘im not a brony did i already mention that?’ on ur post titled ‘im back’ was that a typo camwood$tockO lawlllllzorz camwoodstock O LULZARZZZZZZZZZ

    • camwoodstock says:

      I think the brony test IS down, and yeah, that WAS a typo. So I AM a brony.

      Why does nopony see the eggs/pokemon again?

      • i am not orange no human ia orange colored are you racist? says:


        • camwoodstock says:

          What do you smoke? O_O

          • pako90000 once i saw a guy online on mario kart 7 and his username was peko2001 thats how i got teh name pako900009 or crap :p says:

            no but i read this story someone posted on nacho army cp blog and one of the characters had this pepto bismol obession and kept eatinb it until that character died tums is stomach ache med and tylonel is a pain killer that once MURDERD PPL CUZ OF SOME ONE POISONED THE BOTTLES not weed crack or pot :/ or metthane or crystal meth i Do Not Smoke Nor Do i take drugs or are insane thank you for your time

  7. or--------pphealzors says:

    by da way who is this ‘orange’ you speak of in ur post

  8. i am not orange no human ia orange colored are you racist? says:


    • camwoodstock says:

      You are just as insane, you go insane, you spam a lot… All signs point to orange, or his full name “Orangebunny”

      • phealzor says:

        oh rlly im the insane one atleast i dont hallicunate about marrieing a 13 year old that i met on hantena :p no offence but your kinda insaner as well

  9. pako90000 says:

    greenblah died from tums medicine version 9 only take version 5 of tums thats da best one in other words he is a washed up dried out p.rn star slave for boie :p boie was DiEzORRRED IN A PLANE CRASH I CALLED TEH POLICY AGAINSHT HIM FOR VANDALISM OF COMPUTERS HE IS FILED UNDER SEXUAL PREDATOR IN POLICE STATION BUT I he was kilted IN TEH KEESHTER NOW HE IS NOOO MOORE HE ISHH A DRIED UP FRIXX by the way i could convince you into thinking im not orange which im not if i tried hard enough

    • phealzor says:

      I WAS KIDDING ABOUT THESE COMMENTS THAT I MENTION RIGHT NOWโ†’โ†’โ†’ the one above this comment about greenblah and boie5 AND THE DR CRUSHER COMMENT I REALLY DONT KNOW WHO DR CRUSHER IS OR IF HE EXISTS OR IF HES A MEME i just saw a guy who was ranting about what sonic games would be like without eggman on a forum and he was named dr crusher and i rlly dont give a crap if you answer to my questions the one that said where do you live whats ur school and real name and phone number and house address i rlly dont care if you answer to those questions or not

  10. phealzor says:

    what school u go to :p wheres ur house can i visit whats ur real name house address phone number etc XD ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. phealzor says:

    message a guy named storeguy 77 on youtube tell him oraโ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“ i mean i said hi

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