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I will end all noobs.

Rest in Peace.

I left several months ago, becuase I grew weary of the fight. Club Penguin was losing to all the changes and baybees that were taking over it and had nothing left to offer. I returned today to see if anything … Continue reading

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I know where we an go to.

This is an awesome game that I play all the time. It has a chat filter that only filters bad words and not half of the dictionary. Plus it the team who runs it is incredibly nice and like to … Continue reading

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We have a problem.

As some of you know there used to be a “baybee army of CP” led by Greenblah. That army however shut down. It is now reopening with a new leader. This is a heads up because the other day I … Continue reading

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My Birthday

Hey, guys! 2 days ago I turned 15. I would have put this up on my birthday but I was busy.

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Other new blogger. Bulbaman1

Hi I am the OTHER new blogger. My name is bulbaman1. My goal is to purge CP of all baybees that contantly plague it and make it unsafe for all ages.  Btw cam thanks for making me a blogger. But … Continue reading

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